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  Guest Blogger crosses the pond
  Wherever I am, a library is my home
  Henry E. Huntington, the Greatest Book Collector
  Queen Elizabeth’s corsets
  Emily Jordan Folger’s Shakespeare play diary - 1906 - 1830
  Folgers at the Homestead, Hot Springs, Va.
  Santa Fe and First Folio Tour
  First Folio Tour during Shakespeare’s 400th Death Anniversary
  Fifty Folger gigs in 18 months
  Henry Folger’s Brigg Umbrella with Concealed Pencil
  From Bangs to Maggs: Folger Fourth Folios
  Happy Birthday, Henry Clay Folger!
  Folger Travels to England
  Happy Birthday, Emily Jordan Folger!
  Bernard Quaritch Ltd. and Henry Folger
  British Captain John Robinson and the Henry Folgers
  Henry Folger’s British-born Vicar, S. Parkes Cadman
  Sidney Lee, Henry Folger, and the First Folio 
  Bonds between Frank Salisbury and the Henry Folgers
  Shall we take the Ferry to Nantucket to Visit the Folger Shakespeare Library?
  The greatest honor of Henry Clay Folger’s life 
  Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, and the Henry Folgers
  Celebrating the Bard’s 450th Birthday    
  Henry Folger never knew of the First Folio that surfaced in France in 2014




Collecting Shakespeare: The Story of Henry and Emily Folger

The Indonesia book trailer was launched at the American Cultural Center in October 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia with the participation of the publisher, LONTAR.




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